Our freight trucks will transport your shipment easily through the continent only. 100% security is guaranteed.

iFor larger or heavier shipments moving across Canada or throughout the USA, truck freight is the most economical method. 

Customs clearance is done right at the border, and then your shipment moves via road to its destination. It will be delivered directly to your customer’s door in a timely fashion.

Your low-cost shipping solution

To get the most out of Land freight services:

  • Plan ahead: Our freight times are much longer than any freight times, so it’s a good idea to make a booking well in advance of your desired delivery date. Our specialist freight team will be able to give you estimated transit times depending on the vessel and routing.
  • Think big: As a rule of thumb, greater volumes almost always mean cheaper delivery prices when shipping goods internationally. This is especially true for sea freight.
  • Protect your goods in transit: It’s important to package your goods correctly to minimize the risk of damage during transit.